Analysis: 2022-12-08 – Tempo/Treshold


Tempo / Treshold, Go fast uphill!

  • Distance 79.19 km
  • Moving Time 3:16:17
  • Elevation Gain 1,260 m
  • TSS 185
  • Power % VO2-max (avg/max)  63% / 166%
  • Calories 1,990 kcal
  • Temperature (min/avg/max)  24/26/31°C
  • Elapsed Time 3:16:17

Hilly terrain, at the end a steady climb of 17 km.

Nutrition before Training:
  • Basically fasted
  • except coffee and 15 grams EAA (Essential Amino Acids) 30 minutes before start of training.
  • 1 Vespa UC at start
Nutrition during Training:
  • Only water as needed with electrolytes (salt)
  • 1 gram salt per bottle (750 ml)
  • 1 Vespa UC after 2 h 30 min
  • Strong
  • Easy going

Training ended at 13:06. Blood sugar increased from 128 to 169 mg/dl after exercise measured at 13:25. Ketone bodies were 2.1 mmol/L, suggesting good beta oxidation. Approximately 1 hour after training, blood glucose was back in the normal range. 

Correction of CGM time lag

CGM measures sugar in Interstitial Fluid not directly in blood. Therefore there are some discrepancies to be taken into account. When being active the biggest difference is a time lag when sugar values „arrive“ in interstital fluid. This time lag is corrected in the above chart. CGM data points are moved back 12 minutes to correlate better with Blood Sugar values.

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  1. Peter Defty

    Hi Jeff!
    This is wonderful to see because it shows just how metabolically fit you are! It looks to me like you saw the top and made a hard glycolytic push in the final few minuted to the highest point. Everything is happening exactly as the body is supposed to to meet the metabolic demands from endogenous energy sources. The post exercise surge of BS of 169 and Ketones at 2.1 are normal and expected on an effort like this …..note it is the BS that really surges and a much milder surge of ketones….this is because post exercise your body preferentially will burn fat via Beta oxidations and ketones will be a by product of this. Very impressive data …what I really like about being metabolically fit like this is how dynamic one’s body becomes…..note how your HR and BS adjust and respond to the efforts. Pretty cool and corroborates the work we have done. Well Done!

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